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We aim to help women take control of their own health and beauty through the sharing of wisdom and knowledge.

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SubLuna is a collection of small batch, handcrafted herbal remedies and haircare made with the very purest ingredients sourced from and approved by Mother Nature herself.

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Introduce herbalism and ritual to your beauty routine. Join the thousands of women who have freed themselves from conventional haircare using our Herbal Haircare and The No Poo Method!

Free: Herbal Medicine Making Handbook

A handbook to guide you in making tinctures, oils, vinegar extracts, and more.

Hi! I'm Arielle,
founder of SubLuna.

In my old life I was a hair stylist, educator, and salon owner. In 2018, my first daughter was born, and I quickly learned that I was the only authority who had my family’s best interests at heart. I relied on herbal medicine often in those early stages of motherhood, whether it was to support my own nervous system or my daughter’s well-being. Over time, the herbal medicines that I crafted with love turned into a full-blown apothecary, now known as SubLuna.

Now, I help women all over the world free themselves from toxic systems through herbalism and herbal haircare!



Heal your gut

Go essential oil free

Heart and trauma healing

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Reishi Triple Extraction Elixir
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Reishi Triple Extraction Elixir

Reishi Triple Extraction Elixir

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Wild Sweet William Herbal Cleanser

Wild Sweet William Herbal Cleanser


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