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Fever Support Elixir

Fever Support Elixir

This blend of cooling herbs is a formulation of classic fever supporting herbs: lemon balm, elderflower, and peppermint, along with the addition of rose. 

The combination of these four herbs help to cool hot fevers and help soothe and calm the nervous system in times of distress.  Perfect for hot, agitated, restless fevers as this blend of herbs help to relax the capillaries and open the pores of the skin to vent heat and quell spasms in the body.


elderflower, rose, lemon balm, peppermint, raw honey, cane spirit, spring water

How to use

Give 1-2 droppers every 10-15 minutes until comfort is achieved

This blend supports:

a relaxed nervous system
the body's natural ability to lower a hot fever
mild pain relief


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