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Matcha Cleanse Herbal Hair Cowash

Matcha Cleanse Herbal Hair Cowash

This soothing herbal cleanser has been formulated to cleanse the hair and detox the scalp while creating nourishment for hair strands AND improving the circulation and environment of the scalp to allow hair to grow to its full potential! 

Matcha Cleanse contains the following ingredients:

-Rhassoul Clay to pull minerals and oil from the hair, helping to achieve that “deep clean” feeling.

-Yucca root has a long time history of being used in the hair, as it’s rich in saponins to gently remove dirt and oil and also increases blood flow to the scalp, preventing thinning and pH issues.

-Green tea has a long history of use in haircare. Its astringency allows it to gently repel oil for longer, it’s caffeine is excellent for the scalp. It has been used historically to help strengthen hair and improve hair growth.

-Amla Powder has a history in ayurvedic haircare. It strengthens, adds shine, and can gently cool down brassy tones in the hair if left on for an extended amount of time.

-Aloe Vera Powder is extra moisturizing for parched strands and soothing to a dry or itchy scalp.

This cleanser was formulated for dry hair, hair that needs a little extra lovin', or hair that has already gone through "no poo" transition.


Organic powders of: Rhassoul Clay, Yucca Root, Green Tea, Amla, Aloe Vera

How to use

Mix 1 TBS with 8 or more oz of water. Mix well and shake. Strain if desired, and apply to the scalp and upper strands of the hair. Allow to sit for ten minutes. Rinse well and follow with a diluted ACV rinse or herbal hair rinse. Don’t forget to exfoliate your scalp! (Can also be mixed with sugar or salt and coffee grounds for a scalp exfoliator or mixed to a mask like consistency for a strong detox mask)

This blend supports:

Dry hair
Damaged hair
Brittle ends
Sensitized hair
Hair loss and breakage


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