New to herbalism? Get started here.

New to herbalism? Get started here.

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Why we created Luna Kids

The short version is because there was nothing available that we felt comfortable working into our kid's diets. So over the last 8 months, we started dreaming up the perfect way to sneak nutrients into our most picky eaters. That's when Luna Kids was born! Fast forward to today, we have a beautiful line up of delicious gummies! Each gummy is crafted with nutrient-dense, bioavailable ingredients and free from synthetic additives. Our range includes iron-rich animal gummies, brain-boosting fish gummies, mood-enhancing herbal blends, calming magnesium and calcium, and gentle detox solutions. These tasty, natural gummies address picky eating, neurological concerns, emotional imbalances, sleep disturbances, and toxin buildup, offering parents nourishing options for their children's vibrant health and happiness.

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Luna Kids

Why the Sovereignty for Our Children Matters

Health sovereignty for our children is crucial as it empowers them to listen to their bodies and trust their intuition. Teaching our children to recognize their health needs through building a foundation of rich nutrients, fosters confidence and clear-mindedness. When our kids know how to nurture their bodies, they grow resilient and self-aware, promoting physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Instilling these values early ensures they have the tools to make informed choices for lifelong health and happiness.

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Beauty & Bliss Cocao Drink Mix- SubLuna

Beauty and Bliss Rosemary Cacao

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Clove and Chamomile Teething & Colic Drops
Banish Bloat- SubLuna

Banish Bloat Digestive Glycerite

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Something Ground breaking in Kid’s Wellness

Our new kids' gummy line is the first of its kind, offering highly efficacious, nutrient-dense, animal-based gummies without harmful fillers. These gummies deliver high doses of bioavailable herbs and extracts, ensuring maximum nutritional benefits, that even the most picky eaters will enjoy! Crafted to provide essential nutrients, they promote health without compromising on taste. Each gummy is packed with pure, potent ingredients, setting a new standard for kid's wellness. Enjoy a delicious way to boost your child's health with our innovative, wholesome gummies!

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