New to herbalism? Get started here.

New to herbalism? Get started here.

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SubLuna is a vibrant community where women can learn and grow together, focusing on holistic health and wellness. We empower women to care for ourselves and our families, through herbalism, homeopathy, and other holistic practices. Our community fosters a supportive environment for sharing knowledge and experiences in natural health. Join us to explore, learn, and enhance your well-being with the wisdom of herbal medicine.

What is the No Poo Method?

We created the No Poo Method after years of searching for the perfect shampoo. Professional shampoos were laden with heavy fragrances and toxic chemicals, while natural ones left my hair feeling heavy and dull. This method offers a healthier alternative for vibrant, clean hair without the drawbacks.

The Shift Back to Folk Wisdom

There’s a beautiful cultural shift happening, taking us back to the roots of folk medicine and the basics of health and wellness. For women, this means reconnecting with our bodies, trusting our intuition, and knowing when to nurture and when to let nature take its course. It’s about finding that delicate balance and listening deeply to what our bodies need. This return to traditional practices empowers us to care of ourselves and our families with the gentle, yet powerful remedies that have been cherished for generations.