Are you ready to start making your own herbal body oils, but feel intimidated by it?

Maybe you have tried already, but something was "off."

Maybe your oils weren't as potent as the ones you buy from your local herbalist.

Maybe there was a funky smell, or something went rancid before you were even able to use them.

There are many ways that one can go about making an infused oil--it's overwhelming! When can you use fresh herbs?  Dried?  What about resins? Hemp flower?

Then you have your carrier--what type of oil should you use?  Can you swap it for tallow?  What about cocoa butter?

How do you prevent rancidity without having to use a preservative?

If these questions have been echoing in your mind every time you are wanting to start working with whole plant medicine, your favourite herbalist duo Arielle de Martinez of SubLuna and Meg Edwards of Flora Wellness have an incredible workshop for you that you won't want to miss!

Take the Herbal Oils and Fats masterclass today!

In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn all of the answers to your questions above and much more. 

We will go over every tried and true way that we have learned how to make herbal infused oils, demo some of our favourites, and load you up with recipes and PDFs along the way, so that you don't have to rewatch the workshop everytime you want to reference a specific method!

If you have been wanting to dive into whole plant medicine, but are unsure of where to start, Herbal oils and fats are a perfect starting point!

Join us today!


Four different infusion methods plus a bonus on salve crafting


Recipe Cards, Educational Charts, and PDFs


Our favorite sources for herbs and supplies

You Will Learn:

  • Folk Method: fresh and dried options

  • Rehydration Method (and its alternatives)

  • Blender Method: fresh and dried, fast and "slow" methods

  • Fats Method: everything you need to know to infuse fresh and dried herbs into fats such as tallow, ghee, shea, cocoa butter, and more

  • Salve transformation: how to transform your infused oils into salves and ointments for portability and shelf life

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Meet Your Guides

Get to know Arielle

Hi! I am Arielle.

As a medicine maker, I always find magic in the way that herbs choose for themselves to be crafted. I will never forget the first herbal oil I made, a pairing that appeared in my head in the form of an idea when I was out in the garden.

Over time, my herbal oils have become more and more potent and powerful, and when I began selling them in my apothecary, people were enchanted by their subtle smell and nourishing application.

Herbal oils are a great introduction to whole plant medicine, and I am so excited to help you on your journey to making your own, whether for your family, your community, or to up level your business!

Get to know Meg

I have been passionately studying herbal medicine for a decade now. What started out as a hobby, and a means by which I was able to heal my own health issues, has become my full time work. I forage the herbs, process the wild-crafted plants, formulate & test the products, design the labels... and this one woman show has grown a lot over the past few years.

Whether you are interested in taking a workshop or are just curious about herbal medicine, my goal is to support you on your journey of achieving the birthright of vibrant health. I'm glad you found your way here.



Is this a live class?

No, this is a prerecorded workshop. It originally had a live audience, so you get the benefit of real life Q and As that might have came up during the recording!

Is it captioned?

The live workshop will be captioned and for the recording, captions are provided as a .vtt transcript.

Can I use these methods in my herbal medicine or skincare business?


Are you going to cover how to infuse tallow with herbs?

Yes! and other fats like cocoa butter.

Are you going to teach me sourcing for my business?

We include a PDF of our favorite sources for herbs!

Will you go over carrier oils?

Absolutely! We have a great carrier oil chart that talks about oils based on their qualities and comedogenic factor.