SubLuna Damages, Shipping, Refunds Policy: 


We are not responsible for any lost, broken, or damaged items once items have left our warehouse.

All lost and damaged claims must be made through the USPS website.

USPS policy states that you save your entire damaged package, including the box/envelope, packaging, broken item, etc and bring it to USPS upon request for inspection. If you get a damaged item and throw away anything before you make a claim, you will not be reimbursed by USPS, so save everything.

If you are worried about lost, stolen, or damaged items, please be mindful of your shipping choices. All Priority Shipping selections now contain full coverage insurance. Please select this shipping option at checkout if this is important to you. It pays for itself if you purchase more than two items, which most of you do. If you prefer to live life on the edge, stick with the Economy option, which does not contain insurance!
If your package says delivered and is not in your mailbox, check with your postman (or woman) and file a lost package claim with USPS.
Click here to file a claim with USPS.

If your package is delivered to the wrong address because you entered the wrong address, you are responsible for paying a second shipping fee to get it to your house. We will not be refunding any orders if you entered the wrong address and do not want to pay shipping a second time to get your order.

Refund Policy: SubLuna will not cancel or refund any orders during update weekend for any reason, due to the high influx of orders.

For any order mistakes, please contact SubLuna Botanicals in a timely manner. Items will not be replaced if contacted later than two weeks after shipping date. SubLuna is not responsible for inventory selling out due to buyer neglecting to communicate or stopping communication at any time until the situation is resolved, meaning that new tracking information is sent.

*Remember, you are the sole authority over your own body. Some individuals may choose to consult an external authority such as a healthcare provider before using herbal supplements. Do your own research and make choices in your full power as an individual.