All plants are respectfully wildcrafted or grown local whenever possible, and the remainder are sourced from small organic farms in the United States.

SubLuna offers herbal products for all ages to support a variety of body systems, such as the nervous system, gut and detox pathways, vital immunity, natural beauty, and more.

All of our handmade tinctures are created with fresh plant matter whenever possible in order to extract the full spectrum of medicinal constituents available.

Our herbal haircare products are simple yet effective, using the bare minimum of ingredients that have been used in beauty rituals all over the world for many years. We use herbs, flowers, and other ingredients straight from Mother Nature to give you the purest form of self care and adornment possible.

Mothers want the very best for their families, and Mother Nature provides us with everything needed to help support the children of the earth in beauty and wellness rituals. That's why we say with confidence that SubLuna is certified by Mother Nature!™