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Heaven's Meadow: Tulsi + Sweetgrass Hydrosol Blend

Heaven's Meadow: Tulsi + Sweetgrass Hydrosol Blend

I formulated this duo based on scent alone—and let me tell you, it’s truly heavenly—and I couldn’t have picked a perfect pair if I tried for its benefits for the skin as well.

The combination of this blend helps to brighten skin tone, even complexion, help the skin hold more water, replenish the skin barrier, improve the topical microbiome, soothe irritation and dryness, and toning the skin to give you an all around glow.

It also can be sprayed on the scalp to help increase circulation to the scalp, promote hair growth, and balance any topical scalp issues.

This spiced vanilla scent is truly sent from heaven!



Water coproduction from the distillation of tulsi and sweetgrass.

How to use

Spray liberally as needed.

This blend supports:

Topical hydration
An even skin tone
A healthy topical microbiome
Scalp circulation and health
Hair growth


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