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Herbal Body Oils

Herbal Body Oils


Herbal body oiling is an age old tradition practiced by our ancestors, wise women, and healers alike. The act of massage, whether from a professional or a amateur, can be deeply soothing and grounding. The oil itself hydrates and soothes the nervous system, giving our body the fats it needs to keep our nerves healthy. I recommend herbal body oils over any over the counter lotions, creams, etc for any health and beauty needs.

The following oils are available:

-Rose Geranium Very balancing, nourishing, antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal), anti-inflammatory, antiaging, mild pain relief 


Organic Plant Matter, Organic Olive or Avocado Oil

How to use

Massage on affected area, over whole body, or add a small amount to a bath.

This blend supports:

As a remedy, herbal body oils can be used to concentrate plant power on a particular affected area of the body, harness the more energetic/psychological properties of a plant, and/or to harness the properties of a plant that one cannot consume internally for one reason or another.


This is NOT made with essential oils. Essential oils are much stronger and their properties can be volatile and exploited when isolated from the whole plant. This is a whole plant infusion.

Some infused oils may contain a small amount of alcohol for potency and in order to preserve shelf life.

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