Are you over bad-tasting latte swaps that literally taste like mud? 

Maybe you found an appealing latte mix at your local health food store!  Great–but then……

…you went to check the ingredients, and it had a powdered milk base that you don’t want or a toxic artificial sweetener like stevia. Bummer.  No thanks.

Medicinal Reishi Mushroom - Making the latte

Or maybe you are the person that has a cabinet full of supplement powders, herbs, and the best ingredients, but you honestly just don’t have the time to mix them up into something good and end up making the same thing every day while your herbs and supplements sit in your cabinet underused and expiring. 

Do these sound familiar? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have it all... 

  • A latte mix that has truly fresh, organic, and top-of-the-line ingredients 
  • A morning elixir drink premixed to get your daily herbal dose without having to get out all the tinctures and powders
  • A daily healthy herbal and mushroom beverage that *actually tastes good*
  • An easy-to-customize latte to suit your dietary preferencess and taste buds

Is that too big of an ask?

We don't think so.

Reishi and other medicinal Mushrooms - SubLuna

There are a lot of mushroom powders and instant latte mixes out there. 

But do they have quality ingredients that you can trust -- grown and sourced straight from the earth herself?  

Are they as mother nature intended? 

Here’s a little peek into our latte mixes vs. theirs…

Our latte powders are… 

✓ premixed so you get the perfect dose of medicinal herbs every single time

✓ professionally formulated by herbalists with years of experience and knowledge 

✓ created to actually dissolve into your beverage so your body can actually get what you paid for!

✓ designed to be customized to fit your taste preference by choosing your own milk and sweetener

✓ easy to make–less work for you but you still get to add the final touches for ultimate customization

✓ unique in that our mushroom powders have already been heat activated so you don’t have to worry about having to heat them to get all of the medicinal benefits

✓ made with the fruiting body of mushrooms, wild grown in nature, which ensures the hightest medicinal value 

✓ freshly made straight to you to ensure freshness and potency–no middle man!

Other latte powders are… 

✗ clumpy and don't dissolve in liquid well and need to be heat activated to get their full benefit

✗ not the fruiting body of the mushrooms but rather the mycelium, etc

✗ grown in sterile lab environments and not out in nature 

✗ not fresh! Usually, products sit on the shelf of a distributor, and then a warehouse before they make it to you, losing potency and freshness

✗ full of unwanted ingredients, milk powders, and sweeteners that are either not what you like as a taste or plainly bad for your body 

Medicinal Mushroom Lattes give you the convenience of a pre-made latte with that added benefit of making it your own. 

You get to choose your own milk, sweetener, collagen, or whatever else you love to mix into your frothy drinks. 
The high-quality, intentionally formulated medicinal foundation is there. Now, go have fun with it. 
Premade latte powders mixed up in a mug - SubLuna

Every one of our lattes contain: 

- A professionally formulated blend of wild-grown, spring water-fed mushrooms, and organic adaptogenic herbal extract powders.

- Organic spices give each beverage its signature flavour and packs a medicinal punch.

- Powdered pastured egg yolk for an extra dose of nourishing, fat-soluble vitamins and minerals.

- Mushroom extract powders that are heat-activated to ensure polysaccharides are in the formula with an above-industry standard amount of 20% Beta Glucans present.

SubLuna Medicinal Mushroom Lattes

Golden Egg

When the gut and the nervous system are both happy, they work together to heal one another and create synergy between the two systems!

Ingredients: 1000mg Lions Mane Mushroom , 500mg Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Ginger, Vanilla, Black Pepper, Pastured Egg yolk

*All ingredients are organic

Supports the following:

  • SubLuna Illustration - Immunity
  • SubLuna Illustration - Brain
  • SubLuna Illustration - Gut
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Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha, & Turmeric

- are all powerhouses for the brain, mood, and nervous system, and can be supportive of those suffering from depression, anxiety, dementia, ADHD, and more

Golden Milk Spices & Lion’s Mane

- help support a healthy gut environment, by reducing harmful pathogens like H. Pylori and candida, maintaining the integrity of the gut lining, and feeding good bacteria in the gut.

Pastured Egg Yolk Powder

- delivers a source of retinol, one of the ingredients for anti-aging and fine-line reduction

Beauty & Bliss Cacao

*Coming Soon*

A sophisticated spin on mint hot chocolate. Drink on its own or add coffee for a mocha!

Ingredients: Cacao Powder, 1000mg Reishi Mushroom,  Rose, Cardamom, Rosemary, 500mg He Shou Wu, Pastured Egg Yolk, Sea Salt *All ingredients are organic

Supports the following:

  • SubLuna Illustration - Hair
  • SubLuna Illustration - Immunity
  • SubLuna Illustration - Hair
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He Shou Wu, Reishi, & Rosemary

- all support hair growth, fullness, and reverse hair loss and premature greying.

Cacao, Rosemary, & Reishi

all help support natural vibrancy and alertness without overstimulating—“alert calm”

Pastured Egg Yolk Powder

- delivers a source of retinol, one of the ingredients for anti-aging and fine-line reduction

Cool Girl Matcha

Cool Girl Matcha can be used in two ways:  Drink it daily to support your skin from the inside out and use as a face mask for topical care

Ingredients: Ceremonial Grade Matcha, 1000mg (20% Beta Glucans) Tremella Mushroom, Rose, Vanilla, and Egg Yolk *All ingredients are organic

Supports the following:

  • SubLuna Illustration - Skin
  • SubLuna Illustration - Nervous System
  • SubLuna Illustration - Nutrition
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Tremella Mushroom

- aka “The Beauty Mushroom” helps your skin produce its own hyaluronic acid and collagen, along with keeping your gut in check, which results in youthful, glowing skin

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

- a combination of caffeine and L-Theanine supports a calm, clear sense of energy, improved mood, and age-fighting antioxidants


- supports a calm, uplifted mood while fighting cellular damage to support healthy glowing skin

Pastured Egg Yolk Powder

- delivers a source of retinol, one of the ingredients for anti-aging and fine-line reduction

  • "Arielle’s new “Beauty & Bliss Cacao” is the perfect blend of mind and heart-opening, grounded in adaptogenic favorites reishi and he shou wu. You can mix it with coffee but try it without first because it’s very subtle stimulation and pronounced relaxation is the perfect combo! It’s quickly becoming my go-to afternoon elixir."

    —Kristin H, San Diego

  • "I love the Cool Girl Matcha iced with a bit of honey!  It's earthy and grounding, leaves me revitalized, and I love the yummy notes of rose and vanilla!

    I also love the dual usage--not only can I drink it, but I love being able to apply as a face mask. My skin afterwards is silky smooth and glowing." 

    —Alex D, Omaha

  • "I had never tried matcha before the Cool Girl Matcha. After I tried it, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Every matcha I have ordered since has been so terrible in comparison that I couldn't even finish it. I can't wait for this product to restock so that I can get my matcha fix again!"

    Emilee, NC


Can I drink these if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Medicinal mushrooms have a history of being taken while pregnant in many other cultures. Many of us on the SubLuna team have enjoyed these powders while pregnant or nursing. Of course, we suggest that you do what feels comfortable to you! Please check out our workshop “Herbal Allies during Pregnancy” for more info about using herbs while pregnant.

Do I need to heat these powders to activate the mushrooms’ medicinal components? 

No! All of our mushrooms have been heat activated ahead of time and ensure an above industry standard of 20% Beta Glucans measured in our powder.

Can I give these powders to my children?

Please do! They will benefit from these just as much as adults.

What makes your latte mixes different from the ones I can buy at the store?

Our latte mixes are made with the highest quality medicinal ingredients, wild grown in the mountains, and spring water fed by a company that is truly passionate about cultivating wild herbs. We have also eliminated the middlemen of distributors and third-party stores and bring these straight to you so that you don’t have to worry about your mixes getting dusty in a warehouse losing potency and freshness before they make it to you.

So there is no milk or sweetener in the mixes? 

That is correct, there is no milk or sweetener in the powder so you can customize your lattes exactly how you like it!  Dairy-free?  Add the dairy-free milk of your choice.  Prefer raw milk?  Add raw milk.  Prefer a sugar substitute?  Add it!  Prefer real, pure sugar, or maybe honey or maple syrup?  Do your thing.

Where are you mushrooms grown?

Our mushrooms are wild-grown, spring water fed in the mountains of rural China.

China has a global reputation for mushroom cultivation as wild cultivation of herbal remedies is an honoured trade because of East Asian medicine and its roots in China.

Wild cultivation ensures that mushrooms are grown in their wild tradition and retain the potency and power that wildcrafted herbs provide. No lab-grown herbs over here!

Are your mushrooms organic?

Yes! Our mushrooms are USDA organic certified.