Saturday, July 22nd at 1pm est

Have you heard about hydrosols yet?

Herbalists and Makers all over the world are trading in their stashes of expensive, potentially harmful essential oils for these gentle, but powerful floral waters that have a myriad of benefits for the skin, hair, and home.

Hydrosols are a co-product of the distillation process. They are superior to essential oils in many ways.

Lovers of Mother Nature prefer hydrosols over essential oils because they are much more sustainable to make.

Herbalists choose hydrosols because they yield more diverse plant constituents. 

Low tox enthusiasts like hydrosols because they don’t have the microbiome and endocrine disrupting effects that essential oils are being exposed for.

So, you have dropped your essential oils and you are ready to incorporate hydrosols into your routine.  

And, even better, you have heard how easy hydrosols are to make yourself. 

Maybe you have your eye on a still, but want to make sure that you know how to use it before you make the purchase.

Maybe you did splurge and buy a still, but now it’s collecting dust in your office because…using it is unclear and overwhelming.

Or maybe you tried your hand at making a hydrosol once, but it didn’t have a clear scent profile and went bad rather quickly.


The Hydrosols 101 Masterclass.

Live on Saturday, July 22 at 12pm cst

Join a professional wholesale hydrosol distiller and a whole plant herbalist...

As we bring you our combined knowledge and tools, so that you can extract the water-soluble constituents of all the plants whose essential oils you used to love—giving you a whole plant , medicinal, aromatic product without the worry about toxicity and volatile oils.

Come away with the confidence to dust off that still (or pull the trigger on purchasing one) and create your very own hydrosols using three different methods: copper still, stovetop, and an alembic still. 

Not only will you learn how to use the still itself, but you’ll also be armed with the wisdom of what herbs to use, fresh or dried, in your preparations, along with how to use hydrosols in place of other herbal preparations.

Imagine knowing how to distill any plant, feeling fully confident and inspired to use them in everything from skincare to haircare to aromatherapy to yoni steaming.

If you’re just diving into the world of hydrosols for the first time, and don’t have any tools—don’t worry, we’ll be sharing supply lists for everything you need, including both tools and plants. 

If you already bought a still, but after weeks and months it’s still in the box or collecting dust, because you feel totally overwhelmed…this masterclass is going to be a breath of fresh, clarifying air. 

After this masterclass you’ll:

  • be confident in your ability to distill potent, fragrant hydrosols
  • know everything you need to get started (including the additional parts that don’t come with your still)
  • feel confident when deciding between fresh or dry herbs
  • be familiar with 24 of our favorite herbs for distillation
  • be equipped to make hydrosols using 3 different methods, and feel clear on which is best for you
  • know how to use hydrosols in your daily beauty rituals and in your herbal creations
  • have our exclusive Hydrosol Reference PDF
  • get an exclusive discount code for our favorite still maker

What you’ll get:

✓A 2 hour masterclass that includes a demo of the copper still distillation process and a 30 minute Q and A($150 value)

✓A verbal and written walk through of how to distill herbs using the stovetop method and an alembic still ($50 value)

✓A spreadsheet that breaks down the ins and outs of distilling for different herbs ($40 value)

✓A sample distillation log for easy reference ($10)

✓An exclusive Herbal Reference PDF for easy reference when needed ($50)

✓A discount code for our preferred brand of stills ($25+ value)

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Meet your Mentors: 

Get to know Arielle

Arielle de Martinez is an herbalist, medicine maker, and hair healer.

Her love affair with hydrosols began when she began exploring herbal haircare and realized how hydrosols worked just as well as the expensive hair products that she used on her clients.  She then joined forces with Shannon from Mustard Seed Marketplace to formulate a line of hydrosols for her herbal product line, SubLuna, which was created to create a culture of sovereignty outside of typical beauty standards and the practices of allopathic medicine practice.

Get to know Shannon

Shannon is a professional hydrosol distiller, and the owner of Mustard Seed Marketplace.  She crafted her first batch of hydrosol by accident after a failed essential oil experiment. After learning of the dangers of essential oil, she fell in love with the luxurious delicateness and beautiful nature of hydrosols.

She has mastered the art of gently steaming flowers, leaves, stems and roots; unlocking the therapeutic benefits contained within the plants.  She operates a fully sustainable operation, and post steam distilling, provides nutrients for future plants by giving back the organic material to the earth through composting.

  • Lena M.

    "Learning about the different plants, most found right in my own backyard or local park, has made a profound impact on how I care for myself and the people within my own home. I am thrilled to be able to share my knowledge with my daughters, teaching them how to respect nature when we forage and how use the cycles of the earth and moon, all while growing our relationships was definitely an unexpected blessing."

  • Katie M. 

    “Arielle has cultivated much knowledge of the herbal world and she shares her wisdom generously. Her curiosity and enthusiasm are contagious and invite all to feel deep connection with earth medicine.”

  • Ashlie L.

    "Arielle has cultivated a powerful way to pass on generational knowledge, once lost or forgotten, in a creative and exciting medicine circle. As our leader, Arielle’s knowledge was outstanding, I learned so much from her over the past year and am looking forward to more offerings from her in the future. I was able to create and bring home several tinctures and tonics among many other things during the last year."


Is this a live class? 

Yes. This is a live class taking place on July 22nd at 1 PM EST. A recording will be available with lifetime access in your course portal afterwards.

How long is the class?

Is the class captioned?

The live workshop will be captioned and for the recording, captions are provided as a .vtt transcript.

Do I need to buy a still to participate in this class? 

No, you do not need a still to participate in the class. You can either take the class and purchase a still later, or do the stove top method which we will teach you during our time together!

Can this benefit me if I don’t have any herbal experience at all?

Yes, you will learn what herbs can be used to support which conditions in hydrosol form and use our handy resource pdf for the best way to use these herbs and get the potent hydrosols that you want.

Is this class using fresh or dried herbs? 

We recommend a variety of different herbs, some will be best used fresh and others will be best used dry. The best part about this class is that we will give you a resource guide to help you determine when it is best to use fresh and best to use dried.

Can I use these methods or recipes in my herbal business?

Yes absolutely!