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Lilac & Spruce Tip Spirited Oxymel

Lilac & Spruce Tip Spirited Oxymel

This spirited oxymel was handcrafted with Respiratory and Digestive support in mind.

Lilac has a relaxing affinity in the body. For respiratory support that means it helps to open respiratory passages, dissolve mucous and phlegm, and clear heat from from the respiratory tract. Also, a great form of fever support and has an antiviral affinity.

Spruce Tips have a stimulating affinity in the body, which helps to expel mucous and congestion and keep blood (and also oxygen) moving through the body. Also fantastic cough and sore throat support. 

The combination of these two herbs helps to keep an energetically balanced medicine to help clear mucous, open respiratory passages, support fevers and providing support against bacterial and viral pathogens. It also has a pathogen control affinity for the gut, helping to clear parasites, fungal/bacterial overgrowth, along with healing and soothing the gut lining while dealing with common digestive ailments such as gas, bloat, poor digestion, constipation, diarrhea, and more.

The extraction method of vinegar, alcohol, and honey keeps all of the vinegar, alcohol, and fat soluble properties available in this extract for maximum potency. Hand crafted by Alex Dall with love—limited edition!



Fresh lilac blooms, fresh spruce tips, Organic raw apple cider vinegar, GF 80 proof alcohol, Raw local honey.

How to use

Take 1-2 droppers directly for respiratory/digestive support or add to a glass of sparkling water for general well being. Can also sprinkle on vegetables, salads, etc.

This blend supports:

Respiratory tract
Symptoms of Congestion
Fever and Heat
The body's natural ability to fight a viral illness
Symptoms of cough and sore throat
Easeful digestion
Pathogen Control
Gut Health


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