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Nourished Woman Mineral Nectar

Nourished Woman Mineral Nectar

Oxymels are a blend of vinegar and honey. Not only do they provide that signature sweet and sour flavour profile, but they also extract a wide variety of bioavailable vitamins and minerals.

This oxymel contains herbs that are used to nourish the body, build the blood, and support healthy digestion. This blend of herbs is a popular infusion blend for women due to its ability to build the blood, support anemic conditions (without aggravating iron overload), support digestion, and more. If you aren’t an infusion drinker or want to switch it up, this is a great alternative!  It easily fits in a purse and can be portable on the go. 


Oatstraw*, Nettles*^, Alfalfa*, Rosehips*, Orange Peel*^, ACV*, Honey

*Organic. ^Fresh

How to use

Take directly by the spoonful, or use to remineralize your water or add to a mocktail for all the benefits of a nourishing herbal infusion on the go!

This blend supports:

healthy iron/copper levels
blood building
hair, skin, and nails
the nervous system


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