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Olive Leaf Tincture

Olive Leaf Tincture

Known in the current day wellness world as a gut health powerhouse, Olive Leaf is that and so much more!  At SubLuna, we love Olive Leaf for the following benefits: 

-Blood Sugar and Pancreas Support:  Olive Leaf has been studied for its ability to lower insulin resistance in increase insulin production in the pancreas!  Olive leaf supports healthy blood glucose levels and may be an ally for those who suffer from high blood sugar with its hypoglycemic properties.

-Cardiovascular and Blood Pressure Support: Studies have shown that olive leaf may be able to prevent and lower high blood pressure, along with demonstrating the ability to lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots and platelet aggregation, and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

-Anti-oxdants:  Olive leaf is super rich in antioxidants, which prevents cellular oxidation and reduces overall inflammation.  

-Antimicrobial action - Olive leaf is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial, and can be used to support pathogen control in a variety of modalities.

-Gut Microbiome Support: Olive leaf is known to help support the gut in the case of pathogen overgrowth, such as candida, e coli, and h pylori.  Its antioxidants also help prevent systemic inflammation, including in the gut. 

-Bone Density Support:  One of the most active constituents in olive leaf, the polyphenol oleuropein, has been shown to stimulate cells responsible for bone growth and formation while reducing bone inflammation.


Freshly harvested organic olive leaf, GF alcohol

How to use

Take 1-3 droppers 2x a day. Best if used over time.

This blend supports:

Cardiovascular Health
Immune Health
Blood Sugar Regulation and Pancreatic Health
The body's natural ability to lower inflammation
The Gut Microbiome
Bone Health


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