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Vital Harmony Double Extract (formerly Protect and Restore)

Vital Harmony Double Extract (formerly Protect and Restore)

*Formerly known as Protect and Restore*

Vital Harmony is an incredible blend of five adaptogenic herbs that have a unique and much needed purpose.

Not only do these herbs act like a “shield” for the immune system, strengthening the body’s ability to protect itself from pathogens and illness, but they work in retrospect to help promote harmony and restoration after serious illness or other disregulating events such as medical treatment (like cancer treatment or antibiotics), surgery, birth or stressful situations.

These herbs have a strong affinity for the nervous system. As adaptogens, they help with the body’s stress response and promote natural energy levels, along with helping to support our nerves and promote relaxation. They are also supportive to the heart and cardiovascular system, and can be used to support symptoms of insulin resistance, metabolic dysfunction, and high blood sugar.

On their own, all of these herbs can be used alongside chemo and radiation to help lessen the side effects, so as a blend, they can be really powerful there.

Finally, this blend can help support pain and inflammation levels, especially in situations like chronic pain and autoimmune situations!

Our newest additions of Chinese Skullcap and Cinnamon Twig have made this blend extra supportive in the ability to vent and detox hot and cold pathogens from the body, which makes it valuable in situations with mild autoimmune symptoms that may be caused by dormant pathogens. 


Organic roots of rehmannia, astragalus, and Eleuthero, Chinese Skullcap, Cinnamon Twig, spring water, GF Vodka.

How to use

Use consistently for best results. 1-2 droppers twice a day.

This blend supports:

the immune system
the nervous system
healthy blood sugar levels
people who suffer from chronic pain
heart health
restoration after illness or stress


These herbs are double extracted for maximum effect, in order to extract their valuable polysaccharides that are responsible for many of their medicinal benefits!

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