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Turkey Tail Mushroom Double Extract Tincture

Turkey Tail Mushroom Double Extract Tincture

Turkey Tail mushroom is one of the most supportive allies for the immune system.

As a immunomodulator, turkey tail can calm down an overactive immune system or ramp up a sluggish one, making her safe for almost anyone.

Turkey tail mushroom is used alongside traditional chemo and radiation treatment in Asia as a form of treatment because of its anticancer/antitumour activity.

Turkey tail mushroom has proven antiviral activity, especially against long term viruses such as HPV, HSV, and more.

While TT mushroom shines in the antiviral world, there is also research to support the idea that TT mushrooms help improve the efficacy of antibiotics, so it could also be supportive to take alongside antibacterial support!


Turkey tail mushrooms, vodka, spring water

How to use

Take 1-2 droppers 2-3 times a day or as needed for immune support.

This blend supports:

The body's natural ability to clear a viral infection
A person suffering from cancer
The immune system


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