Have you eliminated toxins in every part of your life…except your haircare?

Are you frustrated by your options when it comes to your hair and beauty routine?

Do you hate the chemical fragrance of professional haircare products but are also disappointed in the product quality at your local health food store?

Are you tempted to minimize your haircare routine, but still want some beauty rituals that will leave you feeling great about yourself?

If you answered “YES” then we have good news for you! We created our Herbal Haircare Methods to help you find an effective minimalist haircare ritual that bridges the gap between natural and functional haircare .


Curious about going “No Poo,” but don’t know where to start Tried going “No Poo” in the past, but it didn’t quite work out?

This Hair Healing Series is for you! This 22 page downloadable PDF will walk you through all of your options navigating No Poo outside the hair industry.

We cover:

• The Purpose of Shampoo and Conditioner: What shampoo and conditioner actually does.

• Cleansing: Options for cleansing to replace shampoo.

• Softening: Options for softening and moisturizing to replace conditioner.

• Scalp Exfoliation: A key part of no poo, we cover all of your options for scalp exfoliation.

• Hair Treatments: DIY recipes for hair that needs a little extra lovin’.

• Transition: All about the dreaded “transition” period with no poo, and how to make it easier.

• Sample Schedules: Sample weekly/monthly cleansing schedules for transition.

• Styling Products: A brief guide over styling products that can be used for extra hair care.

• Wash Day Steps: A step by step guide for wash days.

• Product Recommendations: Sources for some of the herbs and products discussed.

I have spent the last year troubleshooting “No Poo” for my own hair and others, while undergoing herbal haircare mentorships and I can confidently say I have become a “No Poo” expert!

Don’t make it too complicated—get the advice from someone who has done it before successfully!


The Sovereign Curls Method was created by myself and is a response to so many different phases of my curly haired life:

  • When I found the Curly Girl Method and was elated to learn how to work with my curly hair,
  • When I underwent DevaCurl stylist training as a stylist to learn how to cut curly hair,
  • When I realized what I had always known deep down: that I really didn’t want to spent that much time on my hair, especially when even the most natural product lines I could find were filled with toxic scents.

I started by creating my own flax seed gel and went “no poo,” and haven’t been back.

Now, most of my days include minimal refreshing, I have hardly any frizz, and I still have a ton of natural body and movement. My hair has never looked better, and I am living in integrity knowing that I am not poisoning my body with toxic chemicals and fragrances. I created the Sovereign Curls Method for you, so that you can enjoy similar results.

In this 29 page, downloadable PDF we cover:

  • Wash Days
  • Herbs for Sovereign Curls
  • Brushing, Detangling, and Exfoliating
  • Styling Products
  • Hair Treatments
  • Towel Choices
  • Styling Your Hair
  • Refresh Days
  • Sovereign Hair Shaping (Yes, you can cut your own hair!)
  • Tight Coils
  • Product Recommendations

Not sure which PDF is right for you? The No Poo PDF touches on the No Poo Method and focuses heavily on transition, and how to get through it, while the Sovereign Curls Method focuses more on styling, shaping, and natural product. Also, many Sovereign Curly Girls with wavy or looser curls find that their hair needs minimal maintenance after making it through transition!


For a limited time, you can this replay of a two hour workshop all about going No Poo IN DEPTH, along with addressing common questions, concerns, and troubleshooting of going No Poo.

The No Poo Method is also included as a free bonus. We cover:

  • Herbal Cleansers including different types of saponin-rich herbs near you
  • Moisturizing and Balancing the Hair
  • Herbs for Hair and Scalp
  • Scalp Exfoliation and Health
  • Lifestyle Choices for Healthy Hair, Skin, and Scalp
  • Brushing the Scalp and Hair
  • Natural Products
  • Troubleshooting Transition
  • 30 minutes of Q+A

Allow me to teach you everything I know, and don’t worry about taking notes! You’ll have the No Poo Method PDF to refer to later!


What women are saying...

“I have been using all natural bar shampoo and conditioner for years so I think it was an easy transition for my hair to switch. At the end of washing my hair I would still had tons of knots that I would have to brush out. I recently just switched to the clay and ACV rinse and I felt the difference immediately-like when I was rinsing the clay out of my hair in the shower. It felt like silk. When I rinsed out the ACV it completely took out all my knots. I went to brush my hair after and my brush glided through my hair. This has never happened in my life! Also when it dried my scalp was oil free and clean. My curls were soft. I’m hooked! This photo is day three after my rinse! Thanks Arielle!”— TAYLOR

“I’ve been using Arielle’s no poo method for 7 months and my hair and scalp is the best it’s ever been. I struggled with a dry flaky scalp for a while due to past products as well as high maintenance hair, frizziness, and undefined curls… even hair loss postpartum.My scalp now feels hydrated without feeling greasy, my curls are more defined and I can early go 1-2 weeks without washing my hair.I can rock both the natural curls and also use heat every once in a while, no problem!I won’t ever go back to conventional shampoo and conditioner.Thank you!!!”— ARIANNA

“As an herbalist, using whole plants as hair care always appealed to me, but I didn’t think it would be enough for my thick, curly  hair. Arielle’s education and products have inspired me to commit to “no-poo”, and I haven’t gone back in over a year! I’ve never spent less time (or money) on my curls and had it look and feel this vibrant— such a gift!”— QIDDIST ASHÉ

“In 2020, following an organ transplant, I began losing a significant amount of hair. I had major bald spots and was convinced I was never going to have beautiful hair again. Enter Arielle. I decided to go no poo as a last ditch effort and I really didn’t anticipate having huge results. Within a few months my hair was growing back, and it was growing back thick and curly! And I will never go back. Besides being incredibly low maintenance, my hair looks incredible and has never been longer, healthier or thicker. If I hadn’t seen it first hand I probably wouldn’t have believed it was possible.”— ALI

“I had tried going without shampoo in the past and I didn’t last more than a few weeks. I assumed it just wouldn’t work for me and my hair type until I was introduced to Arielle’s method. With the help of Arielle, going no-poo was a breeze! I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner in over a year now, and my hair has never been healthier or more beautiful. I feel more connected to my hair than ever before - we are working together in perfect harmony like nature intended us to.”— HANNAH GRACE

“In the past, my hair would be greasy within a day after washing. I was spending so much money on non-toxic hair products, but Arielle’s page opened my eyes to the world of no-poo! After being no-poo for almost a year, my hair is so much thicker than it has ever been, it feels smoother, lighter, and cleaner. I can go without washing it for a week, the volume is unbelievable, and I’m spending a fraction of what I used to. I’m never going back 🙌🏻”— SOL

“Over the past decade, I’ve gradually simplified various aspects of my life. But when it came to my hair and wash routine, the more I tried to create a “routine” it somehow felt like it kept getting increasingly complicated and product dependent. When I started learning from Arielle, her no-poo approach immediately resonated with me. It took a little bit of time for my hair to adjust, but it was enjoyable the whole time and now I’m happy to say, my hair routine is incredibly simple and incredibly enjoyable! I love incorporating infusions into the acv rinse and the simplicity of the “products” I use. And my hair has never been better.”— ALI

“I’ve been going no poo for nearly a year before I started hearing Arielle’s perspective and it changed the game for me! I was struggling with my natural curls and keeping my volume all while avoiding the oil build up. Ever since her valuable insights, I have enjoyed my no poo hair so much more! The routine I’ve developed with her guidance is enjoyable, easeful, affordable, and best of all, toxin free!!!”— KARLIN

“Who knew you needed a wise woman to support you on your hair journey?! I never even thought about sovereign hair care before meeting Arielle. Her knowledge and guidance in the realm of no-tox beauty has been life-changing. I’ve never felt more connected to my hair and my natural beauty since I ditched shampoo!”— EMILY

“I randomly found Arielle’s page on Instagram after seeing a post she did about how essential oils are disruptive to the endocrine system. I had been thinking about cutting out shampoo already so when I discovered her no poo method I was so excited to be able to cleanse my hair with natural ingredients rather than just cut out shampoo cold turkey. Since then I have been cleansing my hair every 1-2 weeks with rhassoul clay, incorporating ACV rinses and herbal infusions, herb infused scalp oils, and regular exfoliation to encourage growth, my natural curl pattern, better texture, a low maintenance routine, and a safe and natural hair care regimen. I will never go back to conventional shampoo and conditioner!”— TILLY

“I have tried every single “clean shampoo,” even the not so clean ones, and nothing ever worked on my hair. I would always end up with build up grease within hours of washing. This is the onlyyy thing that has given me lasting, consistent results. My hair is thicker, fuller, and I hardly ever have to wash now!”— MIRIAM

“I came across Arielle via the Simple Farmhouse Life podcast. As a budding herbalist, I loved her approach to herbalism and got so much value from the episode. But it was something she said, almost as a throwaway at the end of the episode, that really stuck with me: that her hair products were the last holdout in fully embracing a natural health life, and at a certain point it felt out of integrity for her to continue.She hit on something that must have been percolating in my mind and spirit, because this resonated so deeply. I’ve always embraced my natural curls, never straightening them, but it has always been a struggle. I found myself in a cycle of needing to layer on products to tame my hair into a style and soak it in conditioner to hydrate it, only to need to strip in down every month or so because of buildup. Even though I was using “natural” products with decent ingredients, it felt so weird to me that my hair required all these things. And my hair wasn’t happy - my scalp was itchy and flakey, and my hair was parched.

The time I could wear my hair down was on wash days; I never had “second day hair”.Using Arielle’s Sovereign Curls and No Poo methods (I have her PDFs and took her No Poo class), I was able to make the leap to be fully autonomous in my hair. While I saw immediate benefit (I was shocked at how well my hair responded to Apple Cider Vinegar!), it did admittedly take a month or two for me to figure it out. And it still is a journey, as I learn more about my hair and how to care for it. But I am doing it from a place of self authority, instead of a response to marketing and the beauty industrial complex. Following the guidance Arielle shares in her PDFs and classes, I am learning what herbs and flowers my hair responds to. I relish in the beautiful symmetry that what my hair needs outside, my body needs inside - in the shower, I sip the tea I make to rinse my hair and feel it moisturizing me from the inside [side note just for you - I’ve had a few profound flashbacks to other lifetimes, pouring flower water on my head - this feels like an ancient practice].I will admit that this is less convenient - having to prepare my products and their not being shelf stable - but what I get from this process is so much more in line with my values of sustainability and self authority.The other morning, I woke up, spritzed my hair and smoothed some curls, and walked out the door - and got multiple compliments on my hair! For the first time in my life, second day hair is a reality!Lastly, as a mother of two little girls I love that I can share this with them! My four year old loves to announce “we can eat and drink everything you put on my hair.” We talk about the flowers and herbs we use in our rinses, and what they do for our hair. I teach her what to “feed” her hair when it’s hungry. My hope is that she will be more empowered as a natural curly girl to know and care for her hair, and at the same time also learn about how the plant world can support her holistically.”— MARTINE