New to herbalism? Get started here.

New to herbalism? Get started here.

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Female Founded

Meet Arielle

Learn More About Arielle, her background, journey to herbalism, and where SubLuna is today.

A Note From The Founder

Reclaiming our authority as sovereign individuals is true freedom. Many industries—medical, pharmaceutical, and beauty—thrive on our dependency. From the moment we begin menstruating, we’re taught to outsource our medical autonomy.

As a mother, I’ve found immense confidence in trusting my instincts and not relying solely on external authorities to tell me that my children are healthy. I've seen this same confidence blossom in other mothers who support their children through illness using herbs and intuition. Questioning even one aspect of this dependency can trigger a domino effect of unraveling lifelong conditioning, which can be both freeing and overwhelming.

That's where this community steps in. By freeing ourselves from systems that may not always serve us, we can step into our power as individuals and leaders. And ultimately, our success, in all things, stems from this autonomy and confidence.

Often, I speak with women who feel scared and helpless, trapped in an allopathic mindset. But you don’t need a fancy diagnosis to feel better. Your body tells you everything you need to know. My hope for SubLuna is that we operate in service, empowering you to create your own wellness protocols and trust your intuition.

My most helpless moments in health have transformed into my most empowering ones, as I turned inward and devise healing plans. I emerged healthier and more confident, knowing I listened to that inner voice and my family was better off for it.

SubLuna is here as a resource for guidance and community, but I want you to feel empowered and self-sufficient. Let’s embrace our power, trust our intuition, and support each other in living vibrant, autonomous lives.

With love and healing,

Arielle | Founder

Then & Now

Previously, Arielle built a career as a hair stylist, educator, and salon owner. However, the birth of her first daughter in 2018 revealed the necessity of becoming the primary authority over her family’s well-being. During those early stages of motherhood, Arielle found that herbal medicine was crucial for supporting both her nervous system and her daughter’s health. This dedication to crafting herbal remedies eventually grew into a full-scale apothecary, now known as SubLuna. Gradually, Arielle’s passion for working behind the chair diminished. Engaging clients in discussions about their health while using strong chemicals and fragranced products became ethically conflicting. This led her to transition to a virtual practice. Now, Arielle empowers women worldwide through SubLuna to liberate themselves from industries that thrive on diminishing female autonomy. She helps them break free from the beauty industry's cycle of insecurity and toxicity, the stylist/client power dynamics in the salon industry, and the allopathic systems that often fail to provide true, lasting wellness. With Arielle's guidance, women are learning to heal their hair using homemade products crafted from garden-fresh, natural ingredients, and are taking charge of their own health and the health of their families.