An enriching and immersive learning experience tailored to specific times of the year. These workshops offer participants the opportunity to learn. When they take full ownership of their healing and lifestyle choices, whole families and communities thrive!

Starting Your Own Herbal Medicine Garden

Grow your own custom medicinal herb garden for personal or business use from seed to harvest!

By Arielle de Martinez and Jeni Jarrard-Donck

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Herbal Allies for Pregnancy

Support for common ailments from preconception, through pregnancy, and into postpartum outside the lens of pathology.

By Arielle de Martinez and Kristin Hauser.

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Demystifying the No Poo Method

Learn everything you need to know about my famous No Poo Method in a quick and easy way.

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Medicinal Mushrooms

Learn how to create your own potent and tasty medicinal mushroom preparations!

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Herbal Oils & Fats

Discover the power of whole plant medicine and create your own potent and powerful herb infused oils and fats for yourself and your community!

By Arielle de Martinez and Meg Edwards

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