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Adaptogenic Maple Syrup

Adaptogenic Maple Syrup

This maple syrup is infused with wildcrafted reishi and chaga mushrooms, cacao hand picked from Suzanne herself in the Caribbean, and organically grown, small farm astragalus and ashwaganda roots.

If you haven’t tried the maple syrup from Woodard’s Farm, you don’t know what you are missing! Suzanne’s syrups have developed a cult following—and for good reasons! She brews them all herself, painstakingly and with love and care and the result is the purest, most perfect, deep and delicate maple flavour. She has ruined me for all other maple syrup out there.

So, it only seemed natural to do an herb meets maple syrup collab with her and bring you all some adaptogenic maple syrup to add an extra dash of adaptogen power to your coffee and beverages!



How to use

-Add to your coffee (or herbal coffee) with a pinch of salt for a sweet and salty feel

-Add to sparkling water and drink as a simple mocktail

-Use to make an adaptogenic cream soda (sparkling water, maple, and raw cream)

-Add to your water with a pinch of salt for an extra dash of minerals

-Drizzle it over pastries, pancakes, whipped cream, yogurt, the sky is the limit!

This blend supports:


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