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Eucalyptus Hydrosol

Eucalyptus Hydrosol

Eucalyptus has a long history of being used to support the respiratory tract, and in modern days there are many studies that support that history!  I am excited to provide an alternative to eucalyptus essential oil, since so many people love to distill eucalyptus when their children are stuffy.

Beyond its ability for respiratory support, eucalyptus can also be used on the skin and hair to help fight acne, strengthen hair, balance any fungal/bacterial infections and repel insects.


Water co-product of distilled eucalyptus.

How to use

Spray directly on the hair, face, or skin.
Add to diffuser with water to diffuse in the air.

This blend supports:

-Sinusitis, bronchitis, throat inflammation, expel mucous, clear sinus and nasal congestion, asthma, whooping cough, emphysema.

-Relief of pain and inflammation when applied topically

-Prevention of herpes breakouts when used topically

-The oral microbiome when used as a mouthwash

-People who suffer from acne

-The body’s natural ability to heal from a bacterial and fungal infections topically

-Strong, shiny hair


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