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Yarrow Bug + Wound Spray

Yarrow Bug + Wound Spray

Harnessing the power of Yarrow + Witch Hazel, this bug repellant is safe for all ages. It is 100% essential oil free and contains zero chemicals.

Our latest addition of our proprietary hydrosol blend adds extra bug protection and wound healing power, along with gentle scent medicine.

Can also be used as immediate first aid for cuts, scrapes, and wounds for its antiseptic and styptic (stops bleeding) properties.


Fresh Yarrow Aerial Parts, Organic Witch Hazel (contains alcohol), Hydrosol blends of peppermint, lavender, rosemary, and/or chamomile.

How to use

Spray Liberally every 2-6 hours as needed.

This blend supports:

Repelling of insects
Post insect bite
First aid: bleeding, infection, healing


*Because this spray does not contain long lasting chemicals or essential oils, one might find they need to apply more frequently than usual.*

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